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US Club Soccer Since 1884:

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

We've been attempting to jam soccer into closed American-style leagues since the nineteenth century. Perhaps we should try something different here in the twenty-first.


Two Pyramids: Responsible Path to Equal Opportunity for American Soccer Clubs

A star spangled pro/rel plan.

Can't just graft a small market Eurosystem onto our massive US pro-sports market. Two open American pyramids beat an English one.



More stories, opinion, and links on the push for promotion and relegation in US club soccer.

Many milestones have tumbled on our drive to open leagues and markets in American soccer. You may have heard that Jurgen Klinsmann became the first USMNT coach in history to come out for pro/rel - or that NASL is the first US league to come out publicly for full membership in the global market of club soccer.

Keep your eyes on the road.


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